BUDGT helps you keep track of your expenses in a very unique way. Day by day it will create a new budget for you based on how much you’ve already spent during the month. By making you aware how much you can afford each day BUDGT allows for easy savings.
Read on to learn about BUDGT's main features.


Personal Budget

BUDGT lets you set up your individual monthly Budget with recurring and one time income and expenses. Now with target savings.

Daily Tracking

BUDGT tells you how much you can afford - day by day. Enter your expenses on the day you make them. With the calendar bar you can open passed days to enter forgotten expenses.

The Big Picture

BUDGT will keep track of your monthly finances. With one look you will know if you are on track to saving or losing money by the end of the month.

Individual Categories

Create and use only the categories you actually need. BUDGT will provide you with an overview of where your money went at all times.

CSV Export

BUDGT lets you export your monthly data as csv file for use with excel or however you like.


Let BUDGT help you achieve your target savings.


Lock away your financial data from others.


Tell BUDGT on what weekdays you want to spend the most money.


Be reminded to log your expenses whenever you want.


No fixed currencies and custom flexible conversions.


Know how much money will be left at the end of the month.